Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chetan Bhagat: I could not get what I expect

Mr. Chetan Bhagat, the name is itself sufficient to introduce a renowned international image from India. Mr. Bhagat who have more than 3.2 million facebook fans and more than 1.7 million followers in twitter gave his lecture on 6th July, 2013 in Kathmandu for the successful career of the young and energetic youth. When I heard that Mr. Bhagat is attending a career workshop in capital, I really got excited to meet him and get ready to take the motivational tips for my life from the renowned writer and motivational speaker of South Asia. Last year, I had read his book “Revolution 2020” after then, I became the fan of Mr. Bhagat. I was eager to participate that workshop at any cost, however, the organizer did not have policy to sell the ticket to the public to participate in that workshop. They gave the passes of workshop to their nearest and dearest ones only. So, I started to search the pass for the workshop. Fortunately, Rakesh Shrestha, my senior dai,  gave me the great opportunity to participate in the workshop. I am really thankful to Rakesh dai for providing me the great opportunity.

My excitement was going higher and higher, when the programme time came nearer and nearer. The scheduled time for that workshop was 2 PM at The Everest Hotel on 6th July 2013. I was ready to participate that workshop with big excitement and expectation. I thought, Mr. Bhagat is not Nepali, so he would appear in the programme at the right time. But my eyes rested only after seeing him at 3 PM only. My first expectation went wrong because of waiting time, for his first sight.

I got an opportunity to participate the motivation workshop at Nagpur, India last year. At that time, I was really impressed from the motivator’s speech. He had touch my heart and gave the energy for my life. This time, I had expected more from Mr. Bhagat than the motivation that I got from the motivator met last year. But to my disappointment, this expectation also went wrong, I could not get anything special from him as my  expectation. Mr. Bhagat delivered his speech in lazy manner. Sometimes, it seemed that the lazy teacher was teaching the mass of lazy students. I think, motivation is generation of energy internally which leads to do something well. If the participants understand the self-energy only and do not have any energy to use that energy in a right manner, it means that this is a weakness of the motivational speaker, not a participants of that speech. He gave important tips to understand the energy internally to become the successful in life but did not give means of energy to use it. I think that he did not give importance for internal energy generation. He failed to motivate the participants even just to participate that function attentively, how could we think that the participants will get motivated for their career and success from his speech ??

Finally I would conclude that, I want to see Mr. Bhagat as a motivational and young people oriented writer only but not as a motivational speaker. However, I fulfilled my desire to meet him and attend his lecture but it is for sure that I will never be willing to participate his motivational speech again.