Saturday, June 29, 2013

Why Go Abroad When You Can Create Jobs In Nepal?

"If you had access to Rs 10 lakhs, couldn’t you start a business, live a decent life and create jobs in Nepal instead? Is starting a business in Nepal so risky that you would rather go abroad? Or are there no opportunities to start a business in Nepal?"

Officially, unemployment rate in Nepal lingers well above 40%. There is also significant underemployment, especially among the youth. Thus it comes as no surprise that many of the nation’s youth choose to go abroad to find employment.

But in recent months, news media has reported several cases where Nepali youths have been duped out of millions of rupees by overseas employment agencies.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

याद :-(

तिम्रो मेरो हिड्ने बाटो कता कता मोडियो
छुट्टिएको हाम्रो साथ कहिले पो जोडीयो
जुनी जुनी सगै हिड्ने बाचा कसम तोडियो
छुट्टिएको हाम्रो साथ कहिले पो भेटियो

थाकिसके कुददा कुददै यो घना सहर
तिम्रो यादले पोल्न थाल्यो ल्याइदेउ न जहर
बिर्सिन तिमीलाई गाह्रो भो सम्झन्छु हर प्रहर
तिमि मेरो पिडा भयौ, हैनौ मेरो रहर

(पिडित साथिमा समर्प्रित)